Floral V Straps Jumpsuit Mommy & Me


Featuring an addition of V straps to the Floral Jumpsuit, our latest matching Mommy & Me Jumpsuit comes with an unprecedented flamboyance for the mother and daughter. Whereas, the most stylish essence of floral imprints on the Jumpsuit enables you to feel even more confident all the way along.


  • Charming V straps & sleeveless:

The concept of Floral Jumpsuit is utterly transformed with the help of our modern Mommy & Me Jumpsuit attire as features fine quality V straps for ease of wearing and carrying your style game.

  • Natural polyester construction:

At Dress Like Mommy, we make it certain that only most purest polyester material is utilized in the making of our Jumpsuit which ensures reliability factor along with sustainable performance.

  • Lightweight & soft:

Either for the mommy or tender body of the daughter, the Jumpsuit never proves to be harsh as it has a lightweight along with soft interior fabric which complements your stride efficiently.

  • Numerous sizes:

For making it in compliance with all body types and sizes, the Floral Jumpsuit is available in many sizes for both the mother and daughter to buy it confidently.

  • Suits all purposes:

Other than parties, special events or ceremonies, the Jumpsuit adjusts amazingly well for your regular wearing purposes as well.

  • Economical:

Floral V Straps Jumpsuit comes your way in a cost-effective manner so that you can take your style game on top without concerning about budget.

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