Mother And Daughter Maxi Dress Summer

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Sky Blue

Comprised of nice & cozy half sleeves length along with fine quality color composition, the mommy & me Daughter Maxi Dress comes with unmatched class and wearing quality.


  • Fine solid pattern: The family combination Maxi Dress for your summer dress features a very vibrant and solid pattern which enhances the fascination of the dress for wearers and even onlookers.
  • Half sleeves and comfortable: Being made in half sleeves, the Maxi Dress Summer comes with the sheer ease and comfortability of wearing regardless of the fact wherever you may want to wear it.
  • Multiple color options: Mommy and me Maxi Dress for Summer season is available in plenty of stunning colors for you to choose from as per your motive of wearing including pink, red, blue, green, yellow and even purple as well.
  • Cost-efficient: Despite most terrific pattern, color patterns and varied sizes, the Maxi Summer Dress comes your way ever so affordably without becoming a financial hassle.


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