Mommy & Me Sunshine Stripe Jumpsuit

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If you have always found it an uphill task to buy a dress which goes well with your summer and sunshine needs, look no further, as our latest and fashionable Mommy & Me Sunshine Stripe Jumpsuit is the eventual solution. With the virtue of bold colors combination and epic ease of wearing and carrying, it proves to be ideal for versatile uses.


  • Smooth and convenient: Comfortability is the crucial aspect no matter whatever the kind of dress one might opt for. The story is no different with our Mommy & Me Sunshine Stripe Jumpsuit and it never disappoints you with its wonderful calming feel with ease of wearing & carrying it along.
  • Fine quality cotton and polyester material: We make certain the use of only pure quality cotton and polyester material so that the dress can have a longer life and that’s too without fading away its original shape and glare.
  • Smooth printed pattern: The family combination Sunny Dress comes with a marvelous and thoroughly attractive printed pattern which tends to be appealing for both the wearer and onlookers too.
  • Fit to all sizes: Other than being perfect for the standard size, the Mommy & Me Sunny Dress suits tremendously well for all the body types no matter be it a woman or a little kid.
  • Premium gift solution: If you are struggling with a gift idea, well, you do not need to be bothered anymore as our Mommy & Me Sunny Day dress could be a terrific gift to be presented to your loved ones.

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